All Elkhart County Courts have jurisdiction over civil cases. Pursuant to the Elkhart County Local Rules, however, some types of filings may only be made in a specific court or courts. Please consult the Elkhart County Local Rules before filing a cause of action in the Elkhart County Courts. The Elkhart County Local Rules can be found on the here.

Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program

Help with mortgage foreclosures. Borrowers in foreclosure cases filed after July 1, 2009, have the legal right to request a settlement conference with the mortgage lender. A settlement conference is a face-to-face meeting with your lender’s representative to potentially work out a deal with your lender before a foreclosure takes place.

Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program

Commercial Courts

Elkhart Superior Court No. 2 has been designated as a commercial court in the State of Indiana. The commercial court docket is designed to promote efficiency in the handling of serious business and commercial disputes. Elkhart Superior Court No. 2 is one of six courts designated a pilot project court. The commercial courts are intended to enhance the accuracy, consistency, and predictability of decisions in business and commercial cases. The court employs information technologies, active case management, and early utilization of alternative dispute resolution intervention.

Commercial Courts Information