Our statutes permit the Elkhart County Prosecutor to intervene in a family law matter in order to establish paternity of a minor child, to establish or modify child support, or to enforce existing child support orders.

When the Prosecutor intervenes, the presiding Court refers issues of paternity and child support to the Title IV-D Court to be heard in front of the Title IV-D Commissioner.

Hearings are held in the Title IV-D Court on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays in both the morning and afternoon sessions. The Title IV-D Court holds evidentiary hearings (trials) on the first Friday of every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IV-D Courtroom, which is located in Room 203 on the second floor of the Elkhart County Courts Building, located at 315 S. Second Street, Elkhart, IN.

IV-D cases are referred to the Title IV-D Court from the five presiding Courts in Elkhart County that hear family law cases: The Elkhart Circuit Court, and Elkhart Superior Court 3 in Goshen, and Elkhart Superior Courts 1, 2, and 6 in Elkhart. If a presiding Court has referred your case to Title IV-D Court, it means that the child support portion of your case will be heard before the Title IV-D Commissioner, and the rest of your case – examples being child custody and parenting time – would continue to be held in the presiding Court.

No. Matters of custody and parenting time may not be heard in Title IV-D Court, and may only be heard in the presiding Court.

If you are facing contempt proceedings in Title IV-D Court, and are indigent, the Court will appoint Elkhart Legal Aid Service to represent you. Under all other circumstances, the Court will not appoint an attorney for you.

  1. In person at the Elkhart Child Support Office, in the Elkhart County Courts Building, 315 S. Second Street, Elkhart, IN, 46516
  2. With credit or debit card by phone at 1-855-972-9427, or online at childsupportbillpay.com/Indiana
  3. By cash at PayNearMe locations or Moneygram locations. Go to paynearme.com/Indiana or moneygram.com/locations to find a location near you.

Support recipients and custodial parents may apply for Title IV-D services online at http://elkhartcountyprosecutor.com/programs-services/child-support  or by calling the Elkhart County Prosecutor’s Office, Child Support Division at (574) 522-3074.

  1. No cell phones or smart phones are permitted in the Title IV-D courtroom. It is probably best for you to leave these in your vehicle before entering the courthouse.
    Bringing a cell phone or smart phone into the Title IV-D courtroom may subject you to contempt proceedings, and your phone may be confiscated.
    (This rule does not apply to attorneys, court staff, law enforcement officers, or persons explicitly authorized by the Court.)
    No other types of cameras or recording devices are permitted.
  2. No children are permitted in the courtroom. The nature of Title IV-D hearings is very serious, and they are not appropriate for a minor child. Parties are given notice of a hearing well in advance, and are expected to make arrangements for the care of their children.
    If the minor child is a party to the matter, AND is present in the courthouse for purposes of DNA testing, the child may be present in the courtroom.
  3. Parties are expected to dress appropriately for hearings. No hats, sunglasses, or beachwear are permitted in the courtroom. Inappropriately dressed parties may be asked to leave the courtroom.
  4. No food, drink, or gum is permitted in the courtroom.

Important Phone Numbers

Title IV-D Court: (574) 523-2386

Title IV-D Clerk: (574) 523-2024

Elkhart Child Support Office: (574) 523-2288

Elkhart Legal Aid Service: (574) 294-2658

Elkhart County Prosecutor, Child Support Division: (574) 522-3074