Receiving a court summons can be nerve-wracking, especially in these uncertain times. Rest assured that the Elkhart County Courts take many precautions to keep staff and visitors safe. Below, you will find frequently asked questions and an informational video about what you will experience as a juror at our Goshen or Elkhart Courthouse.

Prospective Jurors will receive notification and instructions from the Elkhart County Courts pertaining to jury duty. Please bring your notification with you on the date you are summoned to serve as a Juror. Also, review the notification and instructions and if necessary, contact the specific court that sent you the information.

Please take the time to watch this brief information video about what to expect for your jury service.

Please notify the Court if you have any of the following changes during your term:

  1. Address change
  2. Employment change
  3. Name change
  4. Vacation time that was not included in your questionnaire
  5. Family emergencies
  6. Medical emergencies

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Jury Trials in Elkhart Superior Courts 4, 5 and 6 are generally one day in duration. Jury Trials in Elkhart Superior Courts 1, 2, 3 and Elkhart Circuit Court are generally more than one day in duration.  The Judge will inform prospective jurors of how long the trial is expected to last at the beginning of jury selection.

Yes. The Court pays each juror an amount specified by law. If you are a sworn member of the jury, you will receive $80.00 per day for the first 5 days of your service, plus mileage. Should the trial exceed 5 days, you will receive $90.00 per day, plus mileage. If you report for jury duty and are subsequently excused, you will be paid $30.00 plus mileage. You will receive a check from the Elkhart County Auditor’s Office within a few weeks.

Jury selection may require a juror to wait a considerable period of time.  Jurors may bring appropriate reading material with them. Jurors are permitted to bring cell phones with them to jury service in the Elkhart Courthouse, however, jurors are not permitted to bring cell phones inside the Goshen Courthouse.

Do not bring children with you to jury service. 

Please dress appropriately for Court.  Business attire or casual business/work is suitable.  No shorts or tank tops should be worn.  Jurors are advised to bring a light sweater or jacket.

If you request to be deferred or excused from jury duty due to medical reasons or a family emergency, you must complete the pdf form provided in the sidebar called the Jury Disqualification Deferral Form. If your absence is based upon a medical condition, you must also include a brief statement from your doctor explaining your inability to serve and specifying the duration of your illness.  Please mail this form and any accompanying documents to the address listed on your juror notice.  Please note there are no automatic exemptions from jury service.

A juror who is summoned and who willfully and without a reasonable excuse fails to appear for jury service may be found by the Court to be in contempt and subject to penalties provided by law.  If you fail to appear on the date summoned, contact the Court you were scheduled to appear in as soon as possible to explain your reasons for not appearing.