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Family and Domestic Relations Cases:

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Common Document Resources:

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

Divorce with Children

Divorce without Children

Child Support

Modify Child Support

Reduce Child Support (because a child is emancipated)

Terminate Child Support (because a child is emancipated)

Special Petitions

Motion for Fee Waiver in a Divorce


Verified Motion for Continuance

Name Change


Cash Payments:

Cash payments are available at the following locations:

Other Payment Methods:

  • Income Withholding Order. Documents and information provided by Information in the link is not maintained by Elkhart County.
  • Pay Child Support Online. Payment by check, money order, credit cards* and debit cards.* *transaction fees apply. You must have a case number on file and social security number and to use this service. Provided by ValuePay and NOT maintained by Elkhart County