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Family and Domestic Relations Cases:

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Useful Document Resources:


Administrative Code of Elkhart County Courts

Highlights of Family Law Local Rule 400 Series

Local Rules for Elkhart County

Attorney Fee Calculator

NCSC Report for Marion County on Juvenile and Family Court Model

Financial Disclosure

Standard Financial Disclosure Form (Form C)

Financial Disclosure - Child Supplemental

Motion for Services - ADR Fund


Compliance Checklist (Form G)

Parenting Plan

Summons in Dissolution of Marriage with Children

Summons in Dissolution of Marriage without Children

Summons Paternity

Triage Questionnaire

Triage Questionnaire for Guardianships

Guardianship Forms

Common Document Resources:

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

Divorce with Children

Divorce without Children

Child Support

Modify Child Support

Reduce Child Support (because a child is emancipated)

Terminate Child Support (because a child is emancipated)

Special Petitions

Motion for Fee Waiver in a Divorce


Verified Motion for Continuance

Name Change


Cash Payments:

Cash payments are available at the following locations:

Other Payment Methods:

  • Income Withholding Order. Documents and information provided by Elkhart County does not maintain information in the link.
  • Pay Child Support Online. Payment by check, money order, credit cards*, and debit cards.* *transaction fees apply. You must have a case number on file and social security number to use this service. Provided by ValuePay and NOT maintained by Elkhart County