To assure fairness in commerce: assure the accuracy of scales, pumps and other ways of quantifying commodities that are paid for by proportional weight or measurement.


The People

Director of Weights and Measures

Todd Barrows

About Weights & Measures

The weights and measures division benefits all Elkhart County buyers and sellers in commercial transactions. The division is responsible for checking the accuracy of all commercial weighing and measuring equipment in the county, from gas pumps to grocery store scales.

Division Functions Include:

  • Gas Pumps: approximately 3,200 checked annually.
  • Small Scales: approximately 2,000 checked annually.
  • Large Vehicle Scales: approximately 75 checked annually.
  • Timing devices: approximately 500 checked annually.
  • Fuel delivery truck meters: approximately 55 checked annually.

In addition, the inspectors also do courtesy inspections for all school scales. We also do inspections for doctors offices and factories that request our services. We also do routine inspection of packages to ensure correct weights at all grocery stores.

The division investigates and resolves consumer complains relating to weighing and measuring equipment accuracy. For gas pump complaints we need to know the specific pump number and grade. If you have a complaint, please call or email us.